Find Your Yoga Style

Our studio offers a variety of yoga styles to accommodate your practice.


Beginners' Yoga
45 min | Fri, Sat

Yoga is for Every Body! Learn about the foundations of yoga and its many benefits for body, mind and soul. Explore body alignment within each asana (pose) and deep breathing while developing strength, flexibility and balance in a supportive environment.  This class is designed for the brand new student, yet experienced students may attend as a refresher. Yoga blocks and belts provided.


Stretch & Restorative
45 min | Fri, Sat

In this slow and supportive practice you will experience a variety of stretches to release built up tension and stress. Learn and practice basic breathing techniques to calm the mind, energize your body, and relax the nervous system. Leave feeling stretched out, balanced, and centered. 


Bikram Yoga
60-75 min | Mon-Sun

Each class is approximately 60-75 minutes.  The room is heated to approximately 104F with 15% humidity. It is a set sequence of 26 asanas (postures) and 2 pranayama (breath) exercises. The entire sequence is done twice. It is designed to warm and stretch your muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the order that is most beneficial to the body. The physical benefits include: detoxifying the body, increasing oxygen supply to the body and brain, increasing flexibility, muscle strength, stamina, and balance.


Hatha Yoga
60 min | Thurs, Sun

This 60-minute class will help you develop strength, flexibility, balance, and mental concentration and is good for all levels.  The class focuses on the core yoga asanas (postures) with special attention to ensuring correct form and pranayama (breathing techniques).  It is practiced in a room heated to 104° F with 15% humidity, which helps increase flexibility, reduce toxins, and release stress. This class will help you destress and improve your mind-body connection.


Vinyasa Yoga
60 min | Wed, Fri, Sat

A style of yoga which is a series of postures, one flowing seamlessly into the next, unifying body and breath.  Movement and intentions fueled by the breath helps to move stuck energies throughout the body, allowing you to release what no longer serves you. Studio windows and door will be open throughout the class. Options to modify provided for all levels of practice.


Yin Yoga
60 min | Tues

In this style of yoga we will work deeply into the body with passive, longer-held poses. Targeting the connective tissues-ligaments, joints, bones, and deep fascia. A perfect balance to yang yoga practice such as vinyasa yoga which targets the muscles. Yin yoga improves the flow of energy in your body, thus improving organ function and your overall vitality. Other wonderful benefits of this practice include deep relaxation, increased circulation, increased flexibility, stress release, and calming the mind and body.


Yin/Vin Yoga
60 min | Fridays

Explore the balance of yin and yang in this combination class. Begin with a slow juicy yin practice which allows the connective tissues to relax and lengthen as the poses are held for a longer period of time. Then, gradually move into a dynamic vinyasa flow to build strength and release excess prana, or energy.