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Manny Nova

Manny Nova

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

Manny Nova has been teaching for the past 19 years, Manny has also privately travelled, studied, and practiced yoga throughout South East Asia with yoga guru Bikram Choudhury. In anticipation of retirement on the horizon, Manny has joined and collaborated with our Yoga & Art Studio with the explicit desire to continue serving our existing yoga clientele. He is helping to evolve the studio for the benefit and future of our close knit yoga community in Hawaii Kai.

From Santa Barbara, California, he was a graduate of Claremont Men’s College and holds a Master's degree from UCLA. He arrived in Hawaii in 1993 as Regional Manager for the Bank of America. Manny later served as Income Property Manager for the Department of Hawaiian Homelands. He was involved with many community projects involving private/public sector partnerships.

Besides yoga, his hobbies include: basketball, golf and loving care of Rojito (his red-nosed apple headed chihuahua).

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