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Palette Knife Painting Courses

In our palette knife painting classes, you will learn how to paint a landscape painting with a palette knife using oils on canvas. Each session focuses on a particular painting concept. Classes begin with a general discussion of the main topic we are covering for the month. That is followed by a painting demo by the teacher. Students watch, then try their hand at color mixing and painting the same. 


George Eguchi
Palette Knife Artist

George Eguchi paints with a single palette knife using oils on canvas. He has always been drawn to the creative process. Coming up with something new that captures a thought, a feeling, or a fleeting image in his mind.  Painting for him is like a meditation. You have to be fully in the moment and what he loves is how the creative process so often produces delightful surprises for him. With a palette knife, a stroke of the knife or a subtle change in pressure will mix and lay the colors on his canvas with unexpected results. Creating beauty is truly rewarding. Colors speak to George and loves the contrasts of bold strokes of the knife shrouded by an ethereal mist. He wants his paintings to convey a certain mood or feeling while at the same time leaving room to be filled by the imagination of the viewer.  

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