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Dream Workshop

$35 | Sunday, October 9 | 5:00 - 6:30pm

Dreams give us insight into our personal journeys and offer creative solutions to live our lives better. By finding understanding in the surreal metaphors of our subconscious we can give ourselves a brighter future.

Pink Clouds

What to bring (Optional):

+ Yoga Mat or Towel

+ Pillow (for extra comfort)

+ Water


Yoga & Art By SheBrews Aloha

Koko Marina Center in Hawaii Kai

7192 Kalanianaole Highway, Suite E-215

Honolulu, Hawaii 96825


What do your dreams mean? 🌙✨⁠
Because dreams are incredibly personal and can be confusing to decipher on our own, we’ve created this workshop to help you walk through…

💫 Beginner's dream analysis⁠
💫 The three stages of dreaming⁠
💫 Why we dream about people we know⁠
💫 What locations mean in dreams⁠
💫 How to accurately find meaning in dream symbols⁠

We will close with a custom-guided meditation by Jane Galluzzi, C.Ht., Founder of Internal Dynamics.

Meet Jane

Jane Galluzzi is a Certified Hypnotherapist and founder of Internal Dynamics. Her practice based in Honolulu, Hawaii on the gathering island of Oahu spreads aloha to all corners of the world through virtual sessions. Hypnotherapy incorporated with frequency therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping, dream therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques provide illuminated healing sessions for her clients.

Jane's journey began with exploring her own mind in early adulthood. Through processing and releasing her trauma, she realized the powerful transformations that are possible through this work. Today, Jane's techniques help clients utilize the untapped power of their subconscious minds to reach their goals and change deep-rooted belief systems. She has helped clients work through physical pain, heal their inner child, and achieve lifelong goals through hypnosis. She looks forward to working together to accelerate your healing journey.



Certified Hypnotherapist, Internal Dynamics

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